The Direct To Film Heat Press Bundle

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By Beth Whittock
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The Direct To Film Heat Press Bundle

The Direct To Film Heat Press Bundle

So you're thinking of setting up a Direct To Film Heat Press Business?

There's no better way to equip your new business than with a Bundle!

What is a bundle? We hear you ask..

Well, a Bundle is a package that Stahls' UK have specially formulated to make sure that heat printers are equipped with everything they need to get their tshirt printing businesses off the ground. Stahls' UK have multiple options available but today we're discussing The Direct To Film Heat Press Bundle.

Save over £150 with the DTF Auto Open Bundle and get everything you need to run a successful heat printing business.

Choose from 3 different sizes of the World's Most User Friendly Heat Press:

The Hotronix Auto Open Heat Press.

You won't find a more user-friendly heat press.

The Hotronix Auto Open family of heat presses feature a innovate magnetic Auto Open and Lock Down feature.

The upper platen opens automatically when time is up. Preventing over-application or scorching. This innovative heat press technology allows the operator to focus on more than one job at onces

Choose from 3 different models to suit your printing business needs.

Available in this bundle: 40x50cm, 40x40cm, 28x38cm


All Hotronix heat presses are Interchangeable Platen compatible.

The large selection of interchangeable platens for Auto Open heat press will change your business forever.

Isolate any print area with no fear of scorching. Ensure the most accurate press for your customers.

Transfer Credit Included

To help get your new DTF heat printing business off the ground, this bundle includes £200 of heat transfer credit that you can spend on the World's Leading DTF Heat Transfers.

Recently increased from £100 to £200, this new bundle gives you 50% extra to spend online at Custom.Stahls.Co.Uk at no extra cost for you!

You can use your credit on any of the Stahls' UK 3 heat transfer types:

  • 1-5 Colour Screen Printed (min order 10)
  • UltraColour Hybrid (min order 10)
  • UltraColour MAX DTF (min order 1)

Stahls' UK Direct To Film Transfers offer great capabilities within the apparel decoration space, including:et

  • Largest Range of Sizes on the Mark
  • Almost Limitless Color & Detail
  • Full Color Prints
  • No Minimum Quantities
  • Same Day Despatch
  • UK's Fastest Turnaround
  • Applies to Cotton, Blended and Polyester Garments

Included in the Bundle:

  • Choice of Hotronix Auto-Open Heat Press (28x38, 40x40 or 40x50cm)
  • £200 Custom Transfer Credit
  • Choice of a Hotronix Lower Heat Press Platen
  • Choice of a Quick Slip Platen Protector (28x38, 40x40 or 40x50cm)
  • Release Paper (x50 sheets)
  • x 1 roll of Heat Tape (66 metres)
  • Heat Press Counter Caddie Stand or Heat Press Caddie Stand Stand



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