Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press

Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press

Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press

The new standard in hat heat presses.

This new Hat Heat Press will change the way you fuse onto caps and hats forever. As well as upper and lower heated platens. This innovative heat press' 360° print area lets you print the front, back, and sides of a cap without removing it from the press.

With two heated platens as standard, an auto-open feature, the touch screen control panel and more, there is no limit to what you can achieve with this heat press.

£1,540.00 Excl. 20% Vat
Ships week of July 17th

The Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press has changed the way garment decorators heat print headwear. If you've been thinking about adding this heat press to your business, In this video, Andy reviews all of the innovative features that make the Hotronix 360 IQ the #1 heat press in the world. 

In this video, Andy demonstrates how to apply badges and 3D vinyl to caps and bucket hats, showing exactly how versatile and accurate the Hotronix 360 IQ is.

embroidered badge on hat heat press 360

Why do you need the Hotronix 360 IQ?

We're Revolutionising Hat Heat Printing with the NEW Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press.

The 360 print area and one size heated lower platen, lets you print the front, back, and sides of a cap without removing it from the platen. With the heat coming from both the upper and lower platens (temperature controlled independently), you can apply a much wider range of thicker and bolder decorations to a wider variety of hats. As the bonding of the adhesive comes from the underneath of the hat and decoration.

The built-in Fusion IQ technology contains pre-saved recipes, offers cloud-based tracking of your heat press operation and so much more.

Auto Opening when a fuse is complete, the Hotronix 360 allows you to prepare your next hat or apply another item on a second heat press, without having to wait by the hat press for it to finish or worry about over-application and scorching.

Our customers who have already purchased and are using the press have said it’s “the best piece of equipment I’ve purchased so far!”.

Key Features:

  • Apply and badge, emblem, transfer, or HTV!
  • One-size-fits-all platen - the transition between cap sizes and different hats without having to change platens
  • Molded platen to reduce creasing and scorching
  • Independently controlled upper and lower heated platens
  • Heated lower platen makes it easy to apply patches and emblems
  • One-hand operation for easy printing
  • The wide opening offers a heat-free workspace
  • Opens automatically, reducing the risk of over-application
  • Digital time, temperature, and pressure display
  • IQ technology offers cloud-based tracking of machine operation
  • Proudly made in the USA

Hotronix 360 IQ Reviews

The Stahls' Hotronix 360 IQ heat press has been turning heads with many of the leading garment decorators. So don't just take our word for it. See why these heat printing experts think this is the best hat press ever made.

*Video Credit: Lee Stuart YouTube

*Video Credit: ESENTL Apparel

*Video Credit: T-Shirt Side Hustle

Price Breakdown

When choosing your heat-press, it's not just the functionality that influences your decision. It's price too. Ensuring you get a heat press that is not only within your budget but will help you grow your business and perform at a high quality during the entire lifetime of your business. 

The Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press costs £1,540 with a 5 year framework warranty.

That's a cost of £308 per year throughout the warranty and just £0.84 per day! It will cost you less than £1 a day to own the world's best hat heat press.


Hotronix Warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty on Heating Element
  • 5 Years on Framework
  • 2 Years on Circuit Board
  • 1 Year on Parts and Labour

Operating Instructions

Instruction Video - Unboxing the Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press.

Watch us unbox, set up and do the first test with the new Hotronix 360 IQ hat heat press.



Download 360 IQ Instruction Manual

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