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Hotronix ProPlace IQ

The ProPlace IQ is the latest groundbreaking innovation from Stahls' Hotronix.

Get perfect placement every time with ProPlace Projection. Using the IQ Cloud, upload your transfer design and select the placement you need. The Hotronix ProPlace IQ will project your design to the perfect position on the garment. All you have to do is place the logo to the light for 100% accuracy every time you print.

The ProPlace IQ will also adjust the placement projection based on the lower platen size. So regardless of which platen you use, the ProPlace knows exactly where to place your transfer.

This new piece of equipment is a game-changer for apparel decorators around the world. Now in stock and available for next-day delivery (when you order before 2pm).

£8,750.00 Excl. 20% Vat

Simplify Printing And Speed Up Production with the ProPlace IQ™

The ProPlace IQ uses the world's most innovative heat press technology. Projecting an image of your transfer from the screen, down onto the platen. Making it easier than ever to place your heat transfer in the correct placement. Reducing misprints and making production faster and more accurate than ever before.

All you have to do is load your garment, select your placement, match the transfer to the light, and heat press.

What if you have a design to print on the back too? Spin the garment on the platen, made easy with the quick slip platen protectors. (Another innovation from Stahls' Hotronix). Select the print placement you need on the Pro Place IQ screen. It will project your next heat transfer design onto the platen. With 100% accuracy every single time.

Heat print on demand like you've never seen it before.

There is limited availability of the New ProPlace IQ's! Place your order today to be one of the first printers using this game-changing equipment.

Patented Projection Technology

Unleash the power of precision printing, rapid production, and heightened efficiency with the revolutionary Hotronix® ProPlace IQ™. Teamed with the groundbreaking Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion heat press. This system features a patented projection alignment system for the perfect print.

Upload your artwork into the IQ Cloud, and at the touch of a button, watch your design project onto the lower platen. Simplifying alignment, speeding up production, and reducing waste from misprints. Just click, position, and press to experience unparalleled efficiency like never before.

Optimised Output, Minimised Waste

The ProPlace IQ™ transforms anyone into a heat printing pro. By projecting designs directly onto the platen, this system significantly saves production time, boosts productivity, and minimizes errors, reducing waste from misprints and inaccurately placed logos.

Streamlined Printing Process

Take the guesswork out of a design placement and simplify your printing workflow for a more efficient operation. Achieve precision with the patented projection alignment system. Train anyone to be a precision printer in a fraction of the time with hassle-free operation.


Perfectly Align Any Design, Every Time


ProPalce IQ FAQs

What is the ProPlace IQ™ and how does it benefit my business?

The Hotronix® ProPlace IQ™ is a cutting-edge advancement to the Dual Air Fusion IQ® heat press, designed to help users place transfers onto apparel in a fast and accurate manner while also improving overall efficiency by reducing downtime, waste, and errors.

Why is the ProPlace IQ™ popular among garment decorators?

The Pro Place IQ™ is particularly beneficial due to its demonstrated ability to improve production accuracy, reduce waste, and facilitate quick training of staff. Decorators will drastically minimize application errors such as upside-down logos or misspelled names.

Is an internet connection required for the ProPlace IQ™?

Yes, a Wi-Fi connection is needed for optimal performance of the ProPlace IQ™.

How can users create projection images with the ProPlace IQ™?

Users can create projection images within the Hotronix® IQ® Portal using their online account. This includes platen selection, grid line selection, importing graphics, and basic sizing and rotation features. Users can wirelessly communicate via the Hotronix® Fusion IQ® Portal for loading images for projection.

Can users organize and recall graphics with the ProPlace IQ™?

Yes, users can store their graphics in a folder system within the Hotronix® IQ® Portal for easy organization and recall.

What is the cost of the Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion ProPlace IQ™?

The Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion ProPlace IQ™ can be purchased for £8,750, which includes the heat press machine complete with the projection alignment system.

Is the ProPlace IQ™ integrated with the Fusion IQ® control board in the Dual Air Fusion IQ® system?

Yes, the Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion ProPlace IQ™ is an integrated solution to the Fusion IQ® control board on the new ProPlace IQ™ Heat Press systems.

Can users adjust image placement?

Yes, users can make fine adjustments of image placement locally on the machine via XY movements from the Fusion IQ® Control Board.

Does the ProPlace IQ™ support a "Power Save" feature for the projector?

Yes, it includes a projector "Power Save" feature that enables the projector to not display when the heat press is over the top of the pressing station.

Does the ProPlace IQ™ require a separate plug and outlet for power?

No, the ProPlace IQ™ system is supported within the power of the Dual Air Fusion Heat Press machine and does not require a separate plug and outlet.


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