Hotronix ProPlace IQ

The Hotronix Pro Place IQ Early Access

The Pro Place IQ is the latest groundbreaking innovation from Stahls' Hotronix. This new piece of equipment is a game-changer for apparel decorators around the world and STAHLS' UK is thrilled to be bringing you the PRO PLACE IQ - ships in August 2024.

£8,750.00 Excl. 20% Vat
Ships August 2024

What is the Hotronix Pro Place IQ?

Using the world's leading innovative technology, the Pro Place IQ projects the image on the screen, down onto the platen. Making it easier to place your heat transfer, faster and more accurate than ever before. All you have to do is load your garment, match the transfer to the light, and heat press.

What if you have a design to print on the back too? Simply spin the garment around on the platen, tap the print you require on the Pro Place IQ screen and it will project your next heat transfer design onto the platen.

Heat print on demand like you've never seen it before.

Limited Availability! Secure an order for the first shipment, arriving August 2024!

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