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Stahls' Cad-Cut Adhesive 30cm x 9.1m

To be used with Fashion Foils for a longer lasting transfer.
£34.99 Excl. 20% Vat

For long-lasting foil embellishments.

Heat transfer foils are known for being short-term embellishments when added to transfer papers and plastisol inks.

This heat transfer foil adhesive solves that problem, permanently binding the foil, giving foil-embellished designs a long life. Use with our Fashion Foil to create eye-catching designs.

  • Inexpensive way to create high-end fashion wear
  • Easy to use - just cut, apply, and then apply foil
  • Arrives on a carrier for use with your vinyl cutter
  • Handles fine detail for intricate foil embellishments


Stahls' Cad-Cut Adhesive Instructions

Stahls' Cad-Cut Adhesive for Foil

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