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Colour Print Classic



CAD COLOUR Sublistop

Stops Dye Migration

stahls cad colour sublistop

Matt, white film offers perfect opacity and colour reproduction while providing a solid barrier when heat applied onto sublimated polyester textiles. No "bleed-through." Your design and garment remain perfectly intact.

500mm wide x 25m

£160.00 Excl. 20% Vat

STAHLS' Sublistop Printable HTV

Minimises Sublimated Dyes From Bleeding Through

Stahls’ Cad-Colour SublistopTM has been specially developed for the printing of textiles at risk of bleeding through. Including sublimation-dyed polyester textiles.

It has a barrier layer which prevents the sublimation colours from penetrating your motif, guaranteeing brilliant colour rendering.

Due to the excellent Block-Out property it is ideal for sports/sports fashion textiles such as football jerseys and tracksuits. For Printable HTV with 4-way stretch, you will need to use Stahls' SuperTEK.

Available in 50cm width x 25m rolls.

Recommended Fabrics:
  • Poly/Cotton Blends
  • 100% sublimated polyester*
  • Softshell*

*Testing is always advised

Sublistop Benefits:

  • Inhibits dye migration
  • Lightweight
  • Moderate stretch 
  • 50+ washes

Application Instructions:

  • Time: 10 seconds
  • Temp: 130°c
  • Pressure: Medium (4-6 on a Hotronix Press)
  • Peel: Cold

Recommended tools and accessories :

Cutting Tips:

  • Always carry out a Test-Cut, this will identify if you have a sharp blade and if the pressure and force is correct.
  • Once you have the correct setting, make a visual note and attach it to your cutter for each type of material.
  • Different HTV materials require different blades, always have a selection to hand.

Weeding Tips & Tricks:

Weeding your vinyl can be time consuming, with the right techniques and tricks of the trade you can boost efficiency and get more done in less time.

  • There's a right way and a wrong way to weed your heat transfer vinyl. Learn the right way so you can get more done in less time.

Application Instructions:
Temp: 130°c
Time: 10 seconds then peel mask
Pressure: Medium (#4-6 on Hotronix®)
Peel: Cold

Care Instructions:
For best results turn the garment inside out
Machine wash up to 40°c
Tumble dry at low temperatures
Do not use bleach
Do not iron directly on transfer
Do not dry clean

Download Sublistop Instructions

Download Instructions

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