How To Use A Leg And Sleeve Heat Press Platen

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By Beth Whittock
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How To Use A Leg And Sleeve Heat Press Platen

How To Use The Double Leg and Sleeve Heat Press Platen

The Hotronix Lower Platen range is a series of 15 interchangeable platens compatible with all Hotronix heat presses. They've been designed with heat printing versatility in mind so that your heat press purchase is a purchase for life (not just for Christmas). As your heat printing business grows and you look into introducing new products and different garments to your business offering, Hotronix ensures that you can do that without having to shell out for a new heat press over and over again. 

The interchangeable platen range clips in and out of each Hotronix heat press. Look for the lever under the right-hand side of your lower platen, pull it out towards you, and you'll be able to slip your platen on or off. 

The platen range enables you to print a multitude of unique and high-value products such as shoes and caps. 

But today we're exploring the use of The Double Leg and Sleeve Heat Press Platen

Compatible with a 40x50cm Hotronix heat press

Because the Hotronix heat press range comes in many sizes. We offer heat presses with upper platens in sizes: 28x38cm, 40x40cm and 40x50cm. Unfortunately, if a heat press platen size is larger than your heat press heated platen size, when you bring your press down for a fuse, you risk parts of your garment not being under the heated platen. So while a large platen on a small heat press wouldn't be wholly incompatible, it does render their uses limited. 

Because of the size of the Leg and Sleeve Platen, it can only be used with the largest size of Hotronix heat presses, 40x50cm. Lucky for you, if you haven't bought one yet, you've got lots of choice. The Maxx Clam and The Auto Open heat presses both offer a 40x50cm size. The Fusion IQ, Air Fusion IQ and Dual Air Fusion IQ all come as a 40x50cm heat press as standard. So you can choose from 5 different specs of heat press to suit your business and your financial needs.

How to use The Double Leg & Sleeve Platen

This platen does exactly what it says on the tin. You can print both legs or both sleeves of a garment at exactly the same time doubling your workflow efficiency. Gone are the days of threading one sleeve, printing and unthreading it. Then rethreading, printing and unthreading it. Now you only have to execute one fuse and you can print legs and sleeves at the same time.

If you're creative with your placements, you could print two sleeves and drape the lower edge of a tshirt over the third area of the platen too for that extra time saving and extra print placement.

Why would you need to print onto a leg or a sleeve? Unique print placements help add value to your garments. If a customer sees value in a leg or a sleeve print, it enables you to increase your price or add an extra charge on, all while increasing your business profit.

Not only is this platen great for legs and sleeves, but you can thread towels, tea towels, socks and so much more onto too.


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