How to Print Denim Jackets

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By Beth Whittock
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How to Print Denim Jackets

How to Print Denim Jackets

The first recorded denim jacket was created in the late 1800's by Levi Strauss to compliment his invention of jeans just a few years earlier. Jean clothing was intended to be a newer hard wearing type of work apparel for cowboys, miners and railroad workers and was estimated to have a 50 year lifetime guarantee in each denim jacket. Over the next 50 years, Strauss released many versions of the jacket all intended for different purposes and weather conditions. As time went on, denim jackets permeated popular subcultures like punk and pop and after being popularised in fashion by celebrities like Elvis, The Beatles and Steve McQueen, the Denim Jacket became an every day wardrobe essential with retail brands still churning out Levi Strauss lookalikes to this day.

Keeping in mind the original longevity expectations of the denim jacket, it's no surprise that these garments are not the cheapest to purchase. Highstreet stores sell these garments between £35-100 depending on the brand, with designer pricing extending upward into the thousands. When each customer is likely to purchase just one of two in their lifetime, no matter the status of your heat printing brand, you should consider denim jackets as a premium addition to your product range.

So how do you get started printing denim jackets?

You need a blanks supplier, and lucky for you, we know just the brand!

So Denim by AWDis offer two great denim jacket choices for your business and they can both be bought through

The SD065 is the Olivia Denim Jacket and the SD060 is the Men's / Unisex Noah Denim Jacket. Both jackets are available in a traditional Dark Blue Wash, a Light Blue acid wash style wash and a classic black colour. The womens cut is a cropped style and the mens is a longer more oversized fit. Both jackets at 99% cotton with just 1% elastane making them a brilliant choice for heat printing.

Denim Jacket Print placements

All denim jackets have a large space on the back which is perfect for fusing. Most will fit an A3 sizes print on this section. Denim jackets also have flat panels on the left or right chest area as well as having sleeve spaces without seams that make a great area for design. Check out some design's we've created recently below.

How to Print Denim Jackets

To print denim jackets that offer your customers longevity, you need a reliable heat press and heat applied material.

Hotronix Heat Presses are the world's leading heat press brand. Not only do they give excellent distribution of heat and pressure to apply any heat transfer vinyl or material, they are also reliable and provide the ultimate ease of use while decorating. When shopping for a heat press, you should look for a press that offers you control over time, temperature and pressure.

Finally, your heat applied material. Because of the high cotton content in these jackets, you shouldn't experience many issues with scorching so this means you're free to experiement with lots of heat applied materials. Heat Transfer Vinyl will offer your dimensional finishes such as glitter textures, holographic or metallic shine or a high build thickness. Or why not try custom heat transfers for a smooth finish that benefits from unlimited tones, gradients and a photo-realistic finish.

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