How to Make Custom Can Coolers

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By Beth Whittock
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How to Make Custom Can Coolers

How to Make Custom Can Coolers

Now, it goes without saying that if you live in Britain, it's not very often that the temperatures are hot enough to need a can cooler. But despite the nature of their use, they are still an extremely popular item to offer in your product range. Because of their extremely low blank price point and the fact that any personalised item is considered a high value purchase, you could make some serious profit on these products.

And let me stop your thought train right there. We know you're not going to become a millionaire from printing can-coolers but these items are a really effective and simple up-sell item for your customers. If your client is purchasing branded work tote bags, badges or anything small and inessential, we are 99% certain you can upsell them some branded can coolers too. They're perfect for workwear and event related customers.

So how do you brand them?

Method 1

The Hotronix Can Cooler Platen

Compatible with a 40x50cm Hotronix heat press, this platen allows you to print 8 can coolers at once, maximising your printing efficiency. Each steel isolation plate allows you to thread your can cooler on, ready for a 1 layer heat press. It allows the side seems to fall down the side of each plate area and off the platen. Shop it here

Method 2

Print Perfect Pad

Compatible with all heat presses, a Print Perfect Pad can be cut down to size and slotted inside a can cooler. This can cooler can then be placed onto your heat press ready for fusing. The Print Perfect Pad creates a firm area ready for fusing that raises your print area away from the side seams. This enables you to achieve an accurate pressure when fusing. Shop it here

Top tip:

Don't forget to use Heat Tape to secure your heat applied decoration to your can cooler. Because of how light the product is, it's very easy for your design to slip which the press is clamping down!

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