Heat Printing Tech Update: June 2024

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By Beth Whittock
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Heat Printing Tech Update: June 2024

Heat Printing Tech Update: June 2024

We are 6 months into a groundbreaking year for Heat Printing across the globe. With every year that passes, the heat printing industry develops tenfold. With new technology just released and also in the pipeline, In this blog we're talking about the heat printing tech that has taken Stahls' by storm in the last 6 months.

The ProPlace IQ Up Close

The next generation of Heat Press has been confirmed. The ProPlace IQ improves efficiency and reduces waste and error. An advancement to the Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press, the projectors project your transfer image to your platen.


Dual workstations, air-controlled pressure, IQ technology and now, projection alignment.

The only option for large volume jobs, The Dual Air Fusion IQ becomes the ProPlace IQ with the integration of this cutting-edge technology from Hotronix.

In this video, Shauna Soom, the Director of Global Sales and Support for Hotronix, takes you through the many benefits of the ProPlace IQ and the IQ Cloud Software.

Including how to set your press up for specific placements, platens and garment colours. Increase accuracy and boost efficiency all at once with the ProPlace IQ.



Did you know: The ProPlace projection system allows you to upload your transfer artwork into the IQ cloud. You can then select the platen you're using, the placement you want, and the system will automatically project the exact placement onto the platen. Leaving you to simply load the garment and match your transfer to the projected light. Ensuring accurate placement every time!

The Can Cooler Platen.

Seemingly making its re-debut at Printwear & Promotions LIVE 2024 in February, The Can Cooler Platen from Hotronix has shot to fame.

With it's extra-uses for things like socks and sliders highlighted pre and post show, the UK have gone bananas for this handy interchangeable platen. 

Perfect for the upcoming summer weather, the Hotronix Can Cooler Platen was created so you can print eight items at once, maximising your heat printing efficiency. The platen isolates the print area for an accurate and reliable heat transfer application.


Heat Press Pillows

And for those heat printers out there working with an alternative brand heat press, we are seeing an increase in the sales of the Stahls' Heat Print Pillow collection.

Recently showcased across social media using denim jackets and thick collared crop tops, the pillows allow thicker zips and seams to sink into it and away from the heated platen. 

Meaning, as long as you can fit a pillow inside of it, and you have a heat transfer that fits the print space, you can quite literally fuse any garment on any heat press with a pack of these.


Available in 4 sizes: 20x16cm, 25x25cm, 46x12cm & 51x41cm


Cool Heat Press Accessory:


Heat Press Caddie Shelves

Attach these shelves to your Heat Press Caddie Stand and organise your workflow.

Fully adjustable, keep garments and materials within reach, wherever you are!


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