Which HTV to use on which Garments?

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By Beth Whittock
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Which HTV to use on which Garments?

Which Heat Transfer Vinyl works best with my garments?

With an array of different heat transfer vinyl options on the market, it's hard to know which ones to pair with which garments.

You may find yourself asking:

Which heat transfer type will last longer?

Which heat transfer type is resistant to stretching?

Whats the best statement heat transfer vinyl?

While there is no one size fits all answer to these questions, we have  3 recommendations based on over 80 years of heat printing history.

Stahls' Glitter HTV

Perfect for adding sparkle & shine to garments and accessories. 

This type of heat transfer vinyl can be used on any heat printable material and is very popular in cheerleading and the gift industry.

Stahls' Glitter HTV comes in 55 vibrant, trendy colours including pastels and fluorescents to make custom designs pop and shine.

Not only is Stahls' Glitter HTV easy to cut, weed and apply, it's also Vegan and Oeko-Tex Approved. Perfect for children's garments as well as adults.

Stahls' SportsFilm Extra Heat Transfer Vinyl

This type of heat transfer vinyl is the #1 go-to option and is suitable for most everyday garments.

If you are decorating onto cotton or poly/cotton blends and you want to create a premium product for your customers, then you need to be using Stahls' Sportsfilm Heat Transfer Vinyl. This HTV is also the #1 choice for easy wedding. You can be certain that by using this, you'll be spending less time weeding and more time making money.


This flex vinyl is available in 51 different colours, taking just 5 seconds to fuse. Order by the metre or the roll.


Stahls' Premium Plus HTV

The #1 HTV For Decorating Performance Wear and Athleisure Garments.

Premium Plus HTV contains superior stretch and rebound. This allows your designs to move and adapt with the garment throughout its lifetime without the concern of cracks or damage to the HTV, increasing the product quality and therefore value.

With a soft and thin finish, Premium Plus HTV will also offer a premium finish to your products, so you can be confident you are creating your products with the highest quality material available. Available in 51 different colours.

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