The Best Heat Transfer For Printing School Uniforms

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By Beth Whittock
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The Best Heat Transfer For Printing School Uniforms

The Best Heat Transfer for Printing School Uniforms is UltraColour Heat Transfers

Developed by Stahls' UK' and Stahls' Transfer Express, UltraColour Heat Transfers are the world's leading full colour heat transfer. 

They are the best print solution for full-colour tonal blends and photographic images. And best of all, the most economical when the quantity of colours exceeds 5 in any one design. Manufactured with the latest waterbased technology, with the softest feel and incredible stretch and rebound, UltraColour Heat Transfers are the only option for School Uniform printing.

Low-Temperature Application

UltraColour Heat Transfers are the lowest fusing temperature heat transfers in the world at just 120°. This low-temperature application opens up a whole world of heat transfer placements and uniform materials. Printing onto a Polyester blazer or gym shorts? It's not an issue with UltraColour. No more scorch marks!


Full Colour Designs

Over the years, as technology and graphic styles update, schools also update their uniform logos in line with this. School logos are becoming more highly detailed and sometimes even photographic meaning that traditional uniform decoration methods like embroidery are getting left behind. This is where you come in. UltraColour heat transfers have no limits on how many colours are in the design, they offer unlimited gradients and extremely high photographic detail.


75+ Wash Guarantee.

The start of a new school year can be an expensive time for parents. It's already likely that parents will have to purchase multiple sizes of garments in one year due to their teenagers growing. They certainly don't need to be purchasing extra because the school logo is peeling, has faded or has cracked. With UltraColour Heat Transfers you're guaranteeing that those heat transfers will last over 75+ washes when applied correctly. That's more than 1 wash load every week. It's likely the child will outgrow the garment before the transfer starts to appear remotely worn.


Impeccable stretch and rebound

Perfect for kids and teenagers who are throwing their garments on in the morning and ripping them off in the afternoon. Football and rugby kits can be grabbed and stretched without the fear of tearing any of the school logos applied to them.


And finally, UltraColour is a waterbased transfer making it an eco-friendly option for your heat printing business.

How do you get started heat printing school uniform?

Once you've secured your client, head to Stahls' UK and arrange your gang sheet for the best price available!

The more you order, the cheaper they get!


10 A4 sheets of UltraColour costs £5.25 per sheet

12 designs on each sheet = 43p per transfer


100 A4 sheets of UltraColour costs £1.92 per sheet

12 designs on each sheet = 16p per transfer


500 A4 sheets of UltraColour costs £1.32 per sheet

12 designs on each sheet = 11p per transfer


You might be thinking, why would I ever need 500 sheets of the same A4 Gang Sheet?

Needing 500 sheets of Heat Transfers is more relatable than you think...

You can fit 12 7x7cm school uniform logos onto 1x A4 sheet. This means at a sheet quantity of 500, you'd have a whopping 6000 school transfer logos. 

With high school populations nearing 1000 pupils, you only need to print 6 uniform items for every student and you've used up your stock of heat transfers.

2 jumpers, 2 polo tops, a gym shirt and a pair gym shorts later and you've run out of heat transfers. That doesn't even cover the rest!


Check out our list of school garments you could be printing below!

Potential school garments per pupil:

  • Jumper x2
  • Blazer
  • Polo shirt x5
  • P.E Top
  • P.E Shorts
  • P.E Joggers
  • Football Kit
  • Netball Kit
  • Leavers Hoodies
  • Trip Hoodies
  • Branded school bag

So don't be afraid! It's time to get stuck in printing for your local schools!

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