NEW: JH001 Just Hoods colours for Leavers Garments

NEW: JH001 Just Hoods colours for Leavers Garments

Stay on trend for the summer season with the brand new JH001 Just Hoods colours for Leavers Hoodies

We recently met up with James Homan from Just Hoods at Printwear & Promotion to apply custom heat transfers to the new JH001's from Just Hoods by AWDis

Custom Heat Transfers are the fastest-growing method for Leaver's hoodie decoration and we showed AWDIs themselves how easy it is!

Blue Lagoon and Festival Fuchsia are set to be extremely popular among the Leavers generation for 2023 so stay make sure to include these colours in your Leavers client pitches!

So what's the best way to decorate Leavers Hoodies?

Custom Heat Transfers, of course.

Screen Print Heat Transfers are the most popular when it comes to leaver's designs, purely because these transfers are for designs with between 1-5 colours which the majority of leaver's orders are.

The other option for decorating Leavers Hoodies is UltraColour Heat Transfers.

With this option, you can have unlimited colours and gradients in your designs meaning you can match school colours into your designs to help secure those sales.

This is also the best way to keep up with the ever-changing tastes and trends of the Leavers 2023 generation.


Both 1-5 Colour Screen Print and UltraColour Heat Transfers have been wash tested and are guaranteed to outlast the lifetime of the garment if applied correctly.

How do you apply heat transfers to Leavers Garments?

You need the World's #1 Heat Press...

The Hotronix Auto Open is a favourite among heat printers, especially those printing leavers hoodies as it can be made threadable with a caddie stand and has interchangeable platens for different sized hoodies and placements. The Auto Open feature means you can walk away from the press while prepping the next garment without the fear of over-application or scorching.

Combine this heat press with our Custom Heat Transfers and AWDIs JH001 hoodies, you've got the perfect print solution.

The Caddie Stand is fully height adjustable and allows the hood, sleeves, pockets and any zips or seams to hang off the platen so it doesn't affect the pressure of your heat transfer application.

Still with us? Of course you are, this is going to change the face of your heat printing business.

Last of all, we've even gone above and beyond to provide all the heat printers out there with a fully customisable Leavers 2023 template for FREE.

Download it here

Check out the below video to see the new JH001 Hoodies and Custom Heat Transfers in action

1 year ago