How To Spot An Authentic Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press?

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By Beth Whittock
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How To Spot An Authentic Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press?

Don't Fall For The Imitators - There’s Only One Dual Air Fusion IQ!⁠

⁠There are many reasons why Stahls’ Hotronix is the most trusted and recognised heat press brand in the industry.

Buy Once, Buy Hotronix

Whether it’s the commitment to innovation, steadfast customer support, or quality, American-made craftmanship, Hotronix® is widely known as the top manufacturer of heat presses that are built to last.⁠

Will The Real Dual Air Fusion Please Stand Up?

Hotronix give unparalleled distribution of heat and accurate pressure to apply any heat transfer vinyl or material.

When choosing your Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ heat press, you can choose from a number of innovative heat press features such as

  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Air Pressure Control
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Dual Workstations
  • Heated upper and lower platens
  • Over Centre pressure
  • Auto Open technology
  • Interchangeable Platen System.

How to tell a Hotronix apart from an Import press:

Your Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ will have the following details:

  • The Stahls' Hotronix logo will be above the touch screen and on the top of the casing
  • There will be an Air Fusion IQ sticker on the side of the heat press head,
  • A Stahls' Hotronix branded touchscreen pen
  • The integrated stand will have the Stahls' Hotronix logo debossed into it.
  • It will have two lit-up level push buttons either side of the heat press head.
  • The top platen will also have the Stahls' Hotronix logo debossed into the outer casing. The platen size will be debossed at the back of the top platen.
  • The Logo, underside of the heat press head, touchscreen pen and coloured logos will all be Hotronix Blue.
  • There will be an authenticity sticker with your serial number on your press too.

USA Made & Lifetime Warranty

Hotronix Heat Presses come with a Lifetime Warranty on the heating element and a 5 year warranty on the framework.

For all MAXX™ Press brand heat presses there is a one (1) year warranty on the heat press.

Hotronix® heat presses are stronger, more advanced and more durable than any other heat press on the market.

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