How To Make £1,950 from 10 Sheets of Heat Transfers

How To Make £1,950 from 10 Sheets of Heat Transfers

How To Make £1,950 from 10 Sheets of Transfers

We talk a lot about GANG Sheets, and for good reason!

A gang sheet is when you place multiple designs onto one sheet. This is usually more financially beneficial for the person purchasing heat transfers. By adding lots of designs to a larger sheet and simply cutting them out at home, you are lowering your price per transfer by paying for less sheets.

As an example, 10 A5 UltraColour sheets will cost you £4.15 per sheet

But 10 A3 sheets will cost you £3.10 per sheet. You are quadrupling your design space but the price per sheet goes down. Which means if you fit as many designs as you can on that sheet, the price goes down even further

Today let's break down some actual numbers so you can see how beneficial GANG Sheets really are!

x100 UltraColour Transfer Sheets cost £3.10 per sheet

If you only place one design onto your sheet, that will be the total cost of your heat transfer.

However, if you fit 10 designs on one A3 sheet, for example, this brings the cost per transfer down to just £0.31 per transfer!

As you can see from our heat transfer example, some of our designs are A5 sized, others are 30cm in length, others are approx 15cm large. All of these are perfectly sized for different garments.

Now onto the profit!

If a blank garment costs £3 and the transfer costs 31p, even with rounding production costs up to £5, it's still very achievable to be making £15 profit on each item.

With 10 designs on your sheet and £15 profit per design, you could be making £195 profit off of just ONE transfer sheet!


The possibilities are endless for what you can achieve with custom heat transfers!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

8 days ago