Heat Print Workwear for your Local Area

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By Beth Whittock
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Heat Print Workwear for your Local Area

Heat Print Workwear for your Local Area

Branching out into your local area is one simple way to bring in extra revenue for your business. 

Most small business owners are happy to support other small businesses too, which means your chance of getting their uniform contract is actually pretty high. All you need to do is ask!

So what sort of businesses could you approach to offer uniform printing services?

Each city, town or village, will offer varied types of businesses and different industries will dominate the majority. As an example, Birmingham is known to be very industrial so Factories and Manufacturing facilities would dominate the business industry there. Milton Keynes is known as a distribution hub, so think of supermarket chain factories and courier companies. Some of these businesses may already have a uniform printer but don't be discouraged, you might find some wins within the smaller businesses in your area.

Here's a selection of smaller businesses you can target in any town or city.

  • Pubs / Clubs / Restaurants
  • Manufacturers / Factories
  • Builders / Scaffolders / Landscapers 
  • Mechanics / Car Garages
  • Independent Businesses 
  • Local gyms

Offer the client business-specific packages

It's easy to stick to what you know, but you can print anything with the right equipment and mindset!

Branded formal shirts may work for an architecture firm or a solicitors office but they wouldn't fit a mechanic or car garage.

Be sure to tailor your garment offerings around the industry you're pitching.


As an example:

A landscaper might need:

  • 5 polo shirts - A clean one for every day of the week
  • 5 sweatshirts -  A clean one for every day of the week
  • A waterproof and windproof coat - For bad weather
  • A softshell jacket - For changing seasons
  • Hardwearing cargo trousers - For multiple terrains

An office worker might need:

  • 5 crisp white shirt - One for every day of the week
  • 1 or 2 branded jumpers - Less than a landscaper as an officer worker will work in a temperature controlled environment

An office worker is unlikely to need branded trousers or jackets due to the nature of their roles.


A mechanic might need:

  • 5 polo shirts - A clean one for every day of the week
  • 5 sweat shirts - A clean one for every day of the week
  • 1 or 2 sets of branded overalls - To allow their uniforms to last longer
  • A thermal jacket  - For changing weather conditions 

What's the best method for printing workwear?

To print workwear, first of all you need clients, but secondly, you need to use the correct equipment. By using the correct equipment, you can guarantee your customers high quality garments that will wash and wear and ensure you repeat businesses year after year,

The Heat Press

'Workwear' is an extremely varied bracket of clothing. When you think about work clothing, those items could range from polo shirts and blazers, to hi-vis, boots and a hard hat.

One piece of equipment that will benefit your greatly when printing workwear is an adaptable heat press. An adaptable heat press like a Hotronix, gives you the ability to isolate each and every print space through the use of the interchangeable platen range. With this set of 15 platens, you can slot them in and out of your heat press at any time to work around zips, seams or any other print-related obstructions.


The Heat Transfer

The best heat transfer for printing workwear is undoubtedly UltraColour heat transfers.

Not only is UltraColour a low temperature transfer meaning it can go on all manner of garments without leaving a scorch mark, but it's also the most economical choice for your business. The more sheets you order, the lower the price per sheet. If you have multiple contracts going on at the same time, simply gang up all the designs onto your sheets, select your quantity to get the best price per transfer.

Get started today! Find the UK's #1 choice for heat printing equipment and heat transfers below:

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