4 things that Garment Decorators should know

4 things that Garment Decorators should know

Top Tips for Heat Printing Garment Decorators

Fresh from the start of Season 8 of The Garment Decorators Podcast, We're bringing you Dave from Transfer Express' 4 tips that Garment Decorators should follow.

1. Stay on trend.

If you're not staying relevant, your competitor probably is and consequently, will steal your business. You don't have to be a trendsetter to stay relevant, you just have to be aware of the changing world around you. While you're out and about, keep your eyes open and look for your target demographic. Ask yourself, what are they wearing? What are they buying right now? Use these observations to inform your next decisions regarding your business.

2. Diversify your product range

Direct-to-film heat transfers are so incredibly versatile that they can be used on an enormous array of heat-printable materials. If you're working a job for a client, why not offer them some complimentary products as an upsell? If you've already got their business logo for their staff shirt order, why not print them some promotional sample tote bags or a hoodie to whet their appetite a little and possibly bring in another line of revenue for your store

3. Work out your profit calculations before committing to ideas.

Lucky for any of our UK heat printers, all our heat transfer pricing is live online. Meaning that once you've got an enquiry for a job, you can pop straight onto EasyView, mock up your gang sheets and get a direct quote for the job in question. Once you've worked out your transfer price, you can add this to the cost of your materials and work out how much profit you could be making for this job.

4. It's okay to say no

Turning away work may seem like a crazy idea, but instead of bending over backwards and stressing yourself out to find a way to make a complicated job work, just say no. Is it worth your stress? Is it going to be cost-effective or beneficial for your business? If the answer is no to any of those questions, it's ok to say no. If it doesn't work for your business, that's what matters!

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